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Cat Love Temporary Tattoo
Cat Love Temporary Tattoo
Cat Love Temporary Tattoo
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Product Description:
Cat Love Temporary Tattoo

Won't ship Single Sheet, unless order 5 pieces or more.

Application Instructions
1. Skin must be completely clean dry and free of any oils or lotions.
2. It is best to have a friend apply your tattoo so it will be positioned properly and so your skin is not twisted.
3. Skin area where tattoo is placed must not be twisted or stretched. The more hairless the skin the better. Shave if necessary.
4. Remove transparent covering and apply to skin
5. Apply water onto tattoo backing and make sure entire design is covered...wait 30-40 seconds.
6. Lift corner slightly to see if tattoo is transferring.
7. Slide paper gently aside.
8. Rinse gently with warm water to remove excess glue.
9. Be sure not to twist or stretch skin until tattoo has set ( at least ten minutes ).
10. Tattoos last between 2 days and 3 weeks, usually 4-8 days. This depends on such factors as skin type, location, and care. The use of shower gels may shorten the life of the tattoo.
To remove...use baby oil rubbing alcohol or masking tape.

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